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ZWIDEMU 1. MAI RAVE Tag 1.  —> Club Pompadour x Kommune687 Kruger6

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15.02.2023 Open Air – Der Hirt // 14.04.23 Sisters & Brothers Secret Party// 13.04.23 Sass Music Club // 01.04.23 Kommunity Ottakringer  Brrauerei // Room687 // 02.02.2023 Sass Music Club w/ Borys (Closer I Kyiv) // 1.12.2022 Sass Music Club // 10.11.2022 Ponyhof // 27.10.2022 Sass Music Club // 25.10.2022 Das Werk // 14.10.22 Ganz Wien // 30.09.2022 Club der Visionäre // 04.09.22 Birdie15 // 30.07.22 SummerStation // 05.06.22 Arena Wien // 03.06.22 TheLoft // 21.05.22 Grelle Forelle // 07.05.22 Pratersauna // 15.04.22 DonauTechno // 25.03.22 Room555 (3YRS) // 12.03.22 Pratersauna // 18.11.21 Sass Music Club // 31.10.21 Ottakringer Brauerei // 25.10.22 Pratersauna // 22.10.21 Secret Party // 28.08.21 Sass Music Club


K687 - Kunst und Kulturförderung
Rennweg 68/7, 1030 Wien
ZVR-Zahl: 1193156163

The vision of “Kommune687” began when our dear friend Patrick moved to his appartment in wich the real commune life started. His hospitality led to many memorys and experiences. He welcomed everyone and wanted everybody to feel like at home. This positive environment and vibrations Patrick brought to this place, was the begining of a whole new era.
Some members of the crew were drawn into music and had the dream to project this positiv environment to the dancefloor.
We started to buy music equipment such the Lambda labs Sound System, CDJ´S and some turntables as well. We looked for different locations where we could start our vision and as soon we had everything we only had to came up with a name. The name itself stands for our crew and for love to each other and of course the music.
After starting our first event we asked our dear friend Alec from SundayMorrnings if he would join us for the morning session of our first 24 Hours mini festival.
Our guests were Subb Ann, Diego Krause and Dana Ruh among many Local DJs for the first editon of twentyfour. The second twentyfour edition we invited Oshana, Einzelkind and Arapu.
After this partys we got to know many different local DJs and Artists. Our dream expanded.
We wanted to support many local artists and djs and combine both art and music in our events. We hosted art shows, we invited visual artists for our partys.
And we invited many different local DJs for our events.
We always knew: The key to happiness is connection.
The dream is to connect and to build a foundation for a thriving Viennese Scene. Everyone is welcomed.

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